The national award winning Island Air Ambulance is the critical care medevac service located in San Juan County operated by San Juan Island EMS and MedEvac with aviation services  provided by our partner Island Air, Inc.  Island Air Ambulance is FAA certified, State of Washington licensed,  and critical care accredited by  CAMTS with active participation in many national and regional professional associations.

The medically configured fixed-wing aircraft transport patients requiring rapid evacuation to the mainland, and are outfitted with all of the necessary equipment and patient carrying devices needed to provide the highest quality care in the air including Revel ventilators and Baxter Spectrum IV pumps and Physio Control 12 lead EKG monitors with electronic patient care reporting integration through interMedix.

We offer a MedEvac Membership for NON-SJCPHD Residents on the other islands and a vacation membership for those visiting the county. Residents of the District already enjoy zero out-of-pocket billing for all in-district ground, marine, and Island Air Ambulance flights.

The aircraft are IFR (instrument flight rules) certified and Part 135 FAA licensed.  Cutting edge OuterLink technology is deployed and operations are professionally dispatched.  The EMS Pilots are IFR rated commercial pilots with specialized training in medevac flight operations and are some of the regions most experienced pilots. Island Air, Inc., our aviation partner, is the winner of the Prestigious 5 Star Safety Award and is a model FAA inspection training agency with a flawless safety record.

Our advanced life support crews have certifications in adult and pediatric advanced life support, neonatal resuscitation, and advanced trauma life support.  All of our Flight Nurses are Certified as Emergency Nurses (CEN) and/or Certified Flight Registered Nurses (CFRN) and our Flight Paramedics are all Nationally Registered and are additionally certified as Certified Flight Paramedics (FP-C).  Crew configuration will vary to meet the specialized needs of each patient.  Extremely sick patients will have two critical care providers (Flight Nurse/Flight Nurse or Flight Nurse/Flight Paramedic), while stable lower acuity patients will get a critical care flight nurse/medic and flight EMT.

Island Air Ambulance has met the highest standards and received accreditation at the critical care level for both ground and air response and transport.

CAMTS accreditation standards and accreditation are determined by the Commission which is governed by a board of directors representing professional critical care transport industry associations across multiple disciplines including administration, education, clinicians, pilots and communication specialists.

View our Accreditation certificate here.

To learn more about the commission and its criteria for accreditation, visit

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All aviation services, aircraft, pilots and mechanics are provided by Island Air, Inc.

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