Senior Safety

The number one PREVENTABLE INJURY in our community is injury caused by seniors falling while at home.

Among older adults, falls are a serious public health problem. In the United States, one of every three persons over age 65 falls each year and two-thirds of those who fall do so again within six months. Among people age 65 and older, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths and serious injuries. Among seniors with osteoporosis, falls can cause devastating injuries such as hip fractures; 75%–80% of hip fractures are sustained by women. Half of all older adults hospitalized for hip fracture cannot return home or live independently after their injuries.


If you would like to schedule a FREE in-home visit, contact us at 378-5152 Extension 3 or by email at

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  • aedlocationmapphoto

    AED Location Map

    Our goal is to have an AED unit within 3 minutes of every resident of our EMS District. We currently have over 50 AED units deployed throughout the County in ambulances, EMTs cars, Deputy vehicles, fire engines, community buildings, resorts and in homes of citizens willing to respond to their neighbor’s cry for help.


    Every 15 Minutes

    Every 3 years we offer an anti-drinking and driving program called “Every 15 Minutes” which is an experiential high-impact and community involving program aimed at helping high schoolers resist the pressures to drink and drive. Learn More About Every 15 Minutes >>

    Life’s lessons are best learned through experience. Unfortunately, when the target audience is teens and the topic is drinking and driving, experience is not the teacher of choice.

  • kid-helmet

    Free Safety Equipment

    Through our Injury Prevention Program, we give away child bicycle helmets, infant and child car seats and toddler booster seats.

    We have available:

    • Infant car seats through booster seats.*
    • Bicycle helmets from toddler to large child.*

    *Available for island residents in need.

    If you’re interested in contributing to this program, please contact the:
    San Juan EMT Association
    P.O. Box 1243 | Friday Harbor, WA 98250

  • class-visits

    Classroom Visits

    We’ll bring the ambulance and age appropriate learning activities to your classroom that highlight the need for accident and injury prevention.